The perfect way to show off your property 

Aerial Photography or video using an unmanned drone works so well for property. Its so easy to show not only the actual property, but gardens, outbuildings and its surrounding in a way that's easy to take in.

First of all its important to note that as a qualified drone operator, the manner in which I run any operation is governed by the Civil Aviation Authority so that the safety of all involved is ensured. I have been granted Permission for Commercial Operations by the CAA: in fact its a legal requirement that any commercial drone operator is approved and licensed in this way. I also hold Public Liability Insurance and this is compliant with EU Regulation (EC) No 785/2004. I also have CAA Permission for Night Operations. Obtaining the necessary permissions and qualifications are difficult and complicated but it means that I can ensure my clients have peace of mind that everything is carried out safely and professionally.


We all know how 'interesting' our British weather can be sometimes and sometimes this can place limitations on a drone's ability to operate safely. High winds or rain can be a problem of course. However with a degree of flexibility and good pre-planning using professional weather forecasting services, a safe, workable plan can always be formed.


  • The best way to show off a property

    2 hr

    180 British pounds
  • A Combination of Photography and Video to suit your circumstances

    2 hr

    180 British pounds
  • Can be booked in conjunction with photography

    2 hr

    180 British pounds

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